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Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities will my Skoolie have available?

Skoolies are fully equipped to help you enjoy the comforts of your home while also enjoying a luxurious excursion! Each bus has air conditioning and heat to ensure our guests can take breaks to remain comfortable when the temperatures outside are less than desirable. Skoolies also have a fully functioning sink, fridge, mini freezer, and oven for your culinary needs. In addition, wood is provided for the fireplace, and propane tanks are available for the grill!

What types of events are offered?

We recommend bringing your Skoolie on a beach excursion, winery trip, lighthouse tour, or tailgating party (If you’re supporting the Patriots, of course!). However, Skoolies can be booked for birthdays, corporate events, bridal party events, and more. Tell us your vision, and we’ll help you create the perfect custom Skoolie experience for your group!

Who is allowed on my Skoolie?

Eight registered guests can ride the Skoolie. (Some exceptions may apply.) Only registered guests can ride, so if your party changes, make sure to update your list of attendees before the day of the event to help us make sure your excursion goes smoothly! Keep in mind that you are allowed to invite more people to meet you at your designated location if you want extra guests to join in the fun!

Schools have rules, and so do Skoolies! What are they?

We want everyone to have a relaxing and memorable time, but safety has to come first. For this reason, the following policies and procedures must be adhered to:

The driver will be present with the bus at all times. They have the sole discretion to refuse to transport anyone on the bus at any time if they display dangerous or unruly behavior.

To preserve the interior of our vehicles, no smoking or vaping is permitted inside the Skoolie.

Since we are a livery service, we do not provide alcoholic beverages to our guests, but you are more than welcome to bring any adult beverages you desire to make your event a special one!

What is the cancellation policy?

There are no cancellations or refunds. Inclimate weather won’t stop you from enjoying your Skoolie event! Rebooking has proven to be difficult at times, due to the popularity of our events, because our clients plan their excursions well in advance. You can cancel guest registrations and add new attendees to your trip at any time prior to the event.

Can I rent my Skoolie for an overnight excursion?

While we only host Skoolie events during the day, if you make us an offer we can’t refuse, we might consider this option! Talk to our representatives at the time of booking to discuss this specialty consideration.
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